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Forcepoint Web Security provides robust protection through content aware defenses and cloud app discovery and monitoring, reducing risks to sensitive data for both on premise and mobile users.
Real-Time Analysis for Advanced Threat Protection
Forcepoint Web Security goes beyond anti-virus defenses via eight defense assessment areas, using a composite scoring process with the Forcepoint ACE predictive analysis. Multiple real-time content engines analyze full web page content, active scripts, web links, contextual profiles, files and executables.
Easy Dashboard Access to Forensic Data
The Forcepoint Web Security advanced threat dashboard provides forensic reporting on who was attacked, what data was targeted, the data’s intended endpoint and how the attack was executed. Security incidents include data theft capture when possible. Defenses analyze inbound and outbound communications.
Integrated Data Theft Defenses
Industry-leading integrated data theft defenses (optional) detect and intercept data theft attempts and provide regulatory compliance for data loss prevention (DLP). Examples of these capabilities include detection of custom-encrypted uploads, password file data theft, slow data leaks (Drip-DLP), optical character recognition OCR (Optical Character Recognition) of text within images and geolocation destination awareness.
Integrated Sandboxing
Learn how to better protect your company’s assets through automatic analyzing of malware behavior with the integrated sandbox service.
Cloud Application Discovery, Monitoring and Control
Discover cloud applications being used within your organization and prevent users from jeopardizing your data by sending to unsanctioned cloud applications and services. Easily add full Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) capabilities for cloud applications using inline (proxy) integration


Securing Every User, Everywhere, From Advanced Threats
Integrated Visibility and Control
Reduce Your Security Spend While Improving Operational Efficiency
Cloud Sandbox
Mobile Security
Hybrid Cloud Deployment