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Fortinet FortiMail
FortiMail is a top-rated secure email gateway that stops volume-based and targeted cyber threats to help secure the dynamic enterprise attack surface, prevents the loss of sensitive data and helps maintain compliance with regulations. High performance physical and virtual appliances deploy on-site or in the public cloud to serve any size organization — from small businesses to carriers, service providers, and large enterprises.
Threat Prevention
Powerful antispam and antimalware, are complemented by advanced techniques like outbreak protection, content disarm and reconstruction, sandbox analysis, impersonation detection and other technologies to stop unwanted bulkemail, ransomware, business email compromise and targeted attacks.
Data Protection
Robust data loss prevention, identitybased email encryption and archiving help prevent the inadvertent loss of sensitive information and maintain compliance with corporate and industry regulations.
Security Fabric Integration
Integrations with Fortinet products as well as third-party components help customers adopt a proactive approach to security by sharing IoCs across a seamless Security Fabric.
Multi-layered Antispam
More than a dozen sender, protocol and content inspection techniques shields networks and users from unwanted bulk email. It starts with assessing IP, domain and other reputations and continues with various validation methods such as bounce, authentication and recipient verification as well as DMARC, SPF and DKIM checks. Finally, message structure and content are analyzed based on digital signature, keywords in context, image analysis, embedded URIs and more advanced techniques such as behavior analysis and spam outbreak protection. Working together, these techniques consistently identify and block 99.98% of spam in real-world conditions.
Integrated Data Protection
A robust set of capabilities for data loss prevention, email encryption and email archiving safely deliver sensitive emails protect against the inadvertent loss of data. These features facilitate compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations.
Powerful Antimalware
Combining multiple static with dynamic technologies which include signature, heuristic and behavioral techniques along with optional virus outbreak prevention, FortiMail protects against a wide range of constantly evolving threats.
Advanced Threat Protection
For an even stronger defense against the very latest threat classes like business email compromise and targeted attacks, FortiMail offers optional content disarm and reconstruction, sandbox analysis, sophisticated spoof detection and more.


Wide range of deployment options
Inbound and Outbound Inspection
Targeted Attack Protection
Content Detection
Management, logging, and reporting
High Availability