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Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
Enterprises are re-evaluating their security strategy responding to advanced threats and modern cyberattacks. For cyber criminals, the endpoints are still the main target – but today’s threats are sidestepping traditional endpoint security measures… disrupting business-critical processes, damaging productivity and increasing operating costs.
Adaptive Threat Response
Kaspersky EDR includes a vast array of automated responses that help enterprises to avoid the use of traditional remediation processes – such as wiping and reimaging – that can result in expensive downtime and loss of productivity.
Proactive Threat Hunting
With fast-search, using a centralized database – plus Indicators of Compromise (IoC) search – Kaspersky EDR can radically change security workflow. Instead of having to wait for alerts, your security team can actively hunt for threats – by proactively scanning endpoints to spot anomalies and security breaches.
Human intuitive web-interface
Kaspersky EDR’s easy-to-use, browser-based interface gives security personnel unified visibility and control of: Detection, Investigation, Prevention. Alerting and Reporting. Because a vast range of functions can be monitored and controlled via a single interface, your security team can perform security tasks more effectively and efficiently – without having to flip between separate tools and multiple consoles


Automate threat identification & response – without disruption to the business
Improve endpoint visibility & threat detection
Empower security personnel
Establish unified and effective Threat Hunting, Incident Management and Response processes.