Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security
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Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security
Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offers unified security for any stage or scenario of your cloud journey. Suitable for both cloud migration and native cloud scenarios, it secures your physical and virtualized workloads whether running on-premise, in a datacenter or in a public cloud. Because its applications were created with the specifics of both virtualization and server functioning in mind, it delivers perfectly balanced protection against the most advanced current and future threats without compromising on system performance.
Enables a secure cloud journey – without compromising on protection levels
Patented technologies and our award-winning cybersecurity engine secure all your workloads – physical, virtualized or cloud-based. • Multi-layered real-time protection, powered by machine learning, secures your data, processes and applications against emerging threats. • A holistic approach to data security helps reduce legal and reputational risks relating to data protection regulations.
Ensures that you get the most from your resources and investments
• Agentless and light agent-based protection secure virtualized assets in regular and software-defined networks without impacting performance. • Single-point-of-view management of physical and virtual resources saves man-hours during adoption and maintenance.
Offers transparent visibility and control regardless of your hybrid infrastructure configuration
Manageability and security orchestration operate seamlessly across multiple clouds. • Full visibility, control and holistic protection against the most advanced threats for every workload, in every location. • Easier security services provisioning and policy-based operations are enabled right across your hybrid cloud.


Engineered for physical, virtual and cloud workloads
Integrated multi-layered security for all types of workloads
Consistent, automated and agile security for AWS and Azure public clouds
Helps meet shared responsibility with a full set of security tools
Seamless security orchestration across your entire hybrid cloud