Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway
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Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway
Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway is an all-in-one solution that can help you tackle this complexity, offering a pre-built mailing system in the form of an easy-to-deploy appliance – for the price of security alone. Delivering reliable protection for corporate email from mass and targeted phishing, spam and all forms of malicious attachment (with ransomware and miner Trojans currently demanding particular attention), Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway is suitable for a wide range of deployment scenarios, on-premise or in the cloud.
Block incoming threats with proven multi-layered protection
Multiple layers of machine learning-powered security, including multi-factor heuristics, sandboxing and reputation system for emails and attachments combine to provide reliable protection against even the most complex mail-based attacks. Stopping these attacks before they can exploit your users’ naivety or curiosity dramatically boosts corporate security levels.
Increase productivity and reduce threats with cloud-assisted spam protection.
Kaspersky Lab’s cloud-assisted, next-generation anti-spam detects even the most sophisticated, unknown spam with minimal loss of valuable communication due to false positives. Reducing the time, resources and risks associated with spam by stopping it in its tracks saves system and human resources.
Saves valuable man-hours
Conveniently packaged into a ready-to-use appliance, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway offers an easy start for your new, now-secure corporate mailing service, freeing up loads of IT staff time for other tasks. Its flexible filtering configuration scenarios ensure a great fit with your business processes, reducing management resources.
Reduces cost of ownership
Besides saving IT staff time, Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway saves even more by embracing all the benefits of virtualization. The appliance is suitable for deployment with the whole range of the most popular hypervisors, which makes this particular element of your corporate infrastructure less resource-hungry and, at the same time, more flexible, adding to manageability and fault tolerance. Even more, it is available as a workload image in Microsoft Azure marketplace, helping to enable security for your cloud-based mail - at warp speed - without compromising on either protection or management granularity.


Global threat intelligence
Machine learning
Emulative sandboxing
Integration with Kaspersky Security Network
Script detection
Archive scanning
Next-generation anti-spam system
Anti-spam quarantine
Advanced anti-phishing
Authenticated email management
Attachment filtering