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Malwarebytes Endpoint Security
Malwarebytes Endpoint Security is an endpoint protection platform that delivers powerful multilayered defense. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security enables small and large businesses to thoroughly protect against the latest malware and advanced threats—including stopping known and unknown exploit attacks.
Stops advanced malware, including ransomware
Reduces the chances of data ex filtration and saves on IT resources by protecting against malware that traditional security can miss.
Protects against zero-day exploits
Protects unsupported programs by armoring vulnerabilities against exploits.
Increases productivity
Maintains end-user productivity by preserving system performance and keeping staff on revenue positive projects.
Easy management
Simplifies endpoint security management and identifies vulnerable endpoints. Streamlines endpoint security deployment and maximizes IT management resources.
Scalable threat prevention
Deploys protection for every endpoint and scales as your company grows.
Detects unprotected systems
Discovers all endpoints and installed software on your network. Systems without Malwarebytes that are vulnerable to cyberattacks can be easily secured.


Advanced malware prevention
Four layers of exploit protection
Central Monitoring and Reporting