Email Security (Mail Server)
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Why Email Security (Mail Server)?
Email is one of the main channels through which crypto-lockers, malware and spam are distributed. Cyber criminals can launch complex, targeted attacks from a single email opened by a single user (e.g. your accountant) – which, once opened, is a doorway into your company’s confidential information. To avoid exposing your business to this kind of risk and protect the entire company infrastructure, you need an effective Mail Server security solution. Our Security for Microsoft Exchange solutions deliver world-class anti-malware and anti-spam protection of your Microsoft Exchange mail servers with powerful anti-malware engines, comprehensive anti-malware scanning capabilities and intelligent spam detection. By protecting your mail servers, using our solutions of Security for Microsoft Exchange protects your entire corporate network, freeing you up to focus on core business operations with confidence.
Email Security (Mail Server)

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Kaspersky Security for Mail Server
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