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Why Phishing Simulation?
Phishing simulation guards your business against social-engineering threats by training your employees to identify and report them. Cybercriminals use phishing, the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as credit card details and login credentials, by disguising as a trustworthy organization or reputable person in an email communication. Phishing emails are also used to distribute malware and spyware through links or attachments that can steal information and perform other malicious tasks. Typically a part of user security awareness, phishing simulation training is one of the cyber security measures being used to help stop attempted phishing incidents. Phishing is popular with cybercriminals because it enables them to steal financial and personal information by exploiting human behavior. Due to the fact that just one mistake by one employee clicking on one link could result in fraud, a data breech, huge costs, and damage the company’s reputation, user security awareness is now widespread; employers are educating workers about the latest attack techniques and testing them with phishing simulations to help protect their businesses against cybercrimes.
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