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Why Secure Wireless?
Wireless networks are forcing organizations to completely rethink how they secure their networks and devices to prevent attacks and misuse that expose critical assets and confidential data. By their very nature, wireless networks are difficult to roll out, secure and manage, even for the most savvy network administrators. Wireless networks offer great potential for exploitation for two reasons; they use the airwaves for communication, and wireless-enabled laptops are ubiquitous. To make the most of their security planning, enterprises need to focus on threats that pose the greatest risk. Wireless networks are vulnerable in a myriad of ways, some of the most likely problems being rogue access points (APs) and employee use of mobile devices without appropriate security precautions, but malicious hacking attempts and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are certainly possible as well. A complete Wireless solution should have but not limited to: * Manage all your security on a single platform * Visibility into wireless health * Simple deployment and administration * Enhanced Security * Multi-site management and cloud scalability
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