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Why Next-Generation Antivirus?
Next-Generation Antivirus takes traditional antivirus software to a new, advanced level of endpoint security protection. It goes beyond known file-based malware signatures and heuristics because it’s a system-centric, cloud-based approach. It uses predictive analytics driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence and combines with threat intelligence to: 1. Detect and prevent malware and fileless non-malware attacks 2. Identify malicious behavior and TTPs from unknown sources 3. Collect and analyze comprehensive endpoint data to determine root causes 4. Respond to new and emerging threats that previously go undetected. Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) uses a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral detection, machine learning algorithms, and exploit mitigation, so known and unknown threats can be anticipated and immediately prevented. NGAV is cloud-based, which allows it to be deployed in hours instead of months, and the burden of maintaining software, managing infrastructure, and updating signature databases is eliminated.
Next-Generation Antivirus

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